Provecho Press
Range Café

At Home with the Range Café

Written by Matt Digregory and Tom Fenton
with Gretchen Reynolds
Photography by Eric Swanson

On September 2, 1992, the original Range Café opened in a tiny, Mission-styled adobe building on the main street of Bernalillo, New Mexico. The owners’ goal was simple—to provide ordinary food that was made extraordinarily well. They succeeded. The Range Café proved wildly popular from day one. Today, the Range Café has expanded to three locations and serves more than 60,000 diners every month. But the philosophy behind the restaurants’ cooking has never changed. They still serve ordinary food made extraordinarily well. Now, for the first time, cooks at home can recreate some of the most popular recipes from The Range Café, with the publication this month of At Home With The Range Café: A Cookbook by Matt DiGregory and Tom Fenton (Provecho Press; $29.99). At Home With The Range Café includes recipes for such long-time Range Café favorites as Bread Zeppelins, Green Chile Ice Cream, Life by Chocolate, and Death by Lemon. It’s filled, too, with photographs of the food and with vignettes about local customers, history, wine, artists, and—since this is a New Mexico cookbook—chiles. It even includes a cameo by the new President of the United States, Barack Obama (see page 58). “We hope people enjoy the recipes and stories,” says Range Café co-founder Matt DiGregory. “If any part of what we created makes its way into people’s own home at the range, then well…we couldn’t be more proud.” At Home With The Range Café will be available at all three Range locations and online at

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